5 Ways To Become Another Forgotten, Failed Startup

The tech industry is full of them.

I’m talking about startups that had “genius ideas”, “visionary founders” and “wise and experienced investors” and yet somehow failed miserably.

These are companies that were destined to become the next Facebook. And yet, somehow, things went awry.

Joining these forgotten founders is easier than you think. Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Don’t Waste Time Testing Your Obviously Genius Idea

If you think your startup idea is excellent, there’s pretty much zero chance that you’re wrong. Don’t waste time with silly things like “testing” or “validation”.

Besides, your time would be much better spent thinking about the type of yacht you’re going to eventually buy.

2. Recruit Investors Before You Make Another Move

Seeing as how we’ve already established that your idea is unbeatable, you haven’t a moment to lose. Don’t bother developing your product at this point.

First, make sure that you have as many millions of venture capital dollars to burn through as soon as possible… Even if you have to give away a huge stake in your company to do it.

Remember, you’re building the next Facebook. So, giving away a few billion to investors here and there won’t have a huge impact on your lifestyle once you are obscenely rich.

3. Forget Early Adopters: Start Scaling NOW

Granted, Facebook first recruited users at Harvard and then eventually moved on to other colleges before going mainstream.

But, you’re not building Facebook. Your building the NEXT Facebook.

Your top priority should not be creating a great product. We already know that your product is amazing!

Aside from giving yourself a salary that’s way bigger than what any of your friends have, the best way to use investor capital is to grow your company as large as possible, as fast as possible.

Don’t get stuck figuring out the details of how to actually accomplish that. Just start scaling now.

4. Don’t Get Involved In Dirty Practices Like Sales And Marketing

The best products sell themselves.

Everyone knows this.

And we already know that your product (whatever it is) is way better than the best.

So, don’t soil your hands by getting involved with the dirty work of sales and marketing.

Don’t worry about having to find customers.

With an idea as amazing as yours, they will definitely find you and be banging down your door in no time.

5. Steer Clear Of Mentors!

Always remember to keep your cards close to the vest.

Don’t even think about discussing your plans with anyone before making them sign a detailed non-disclosure agreement.

That means staying as far away from so-called “mentors” as possible.

They may look harmless, but all they’re really trying to do is steal your idea and all the billions that you have coming to you.

Besides, you already have your billion-dollar idea. What could you possibly need a mentor for anyway?


It’s like they told us in school.

Believe in the power of your dreams.

And never, ever let anything like facts, experience, logic or plans get in the way of your self-esteem.

PS. If you’d like to talk and see how I might be able to help you grow your business, feel free to shoot me a Facebook message at:


But, just be careful and remember that like all other potential advisors, consultants or mentors, I’m really just a parasitic leech waiting to suck the life-blood out of your genius idea.

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Seth Coyne

Seth Coyne prefers to be addressed as Jedi Master Seth. He is the founder of Rapid Company Growth. He’s also a surprisingly handsome business advisor. Feel free to connect with him via LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger.

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